aicalc – the tcp and udp bandwith calculator

picture of aicalc – the tcp and udp bandwidth calculatorWelcome to the download page of the udp and tcp bandwidth calculator “aicalc“.

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With this little java-based program you can calculate your potential network transmission speed according to different “tcp window” sizes.

It is often the case that yourself or your company has a high bandwidth network connection, but find that the transmission is too slow. With aicalc you can calculate and see how the “tcp window size” and transmission rate correlate. From the information gleaned as a result of using this tool, you may be able to improve your network transmission rates and may even be able to save some money!

Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome!

Morris Görke

A special thankyou goes to the programmer, Rakesh Mukherjee, who understood what was required and was able from that to create this code.

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